Here we go: finale time. I would’ve said that I can’t believe that it is the finale already but then they showed the teams that had been eliminated and I had already forgotten Dave and Connor. It felt like a long time since they’d been on, almost like it was another season. So I guess this season was longer than I initially thought.

Let’s get to it. The teams get the first clue and they are taking a ferry to Ireland. The Roller Moms and Max were discussing how Max and Katie had U-turned the Moms and I loved Beth’s attitude. She basically said this is a game and we would’ve done the same thing to you. Finally, there’s an adult on one of these shows.

The Road Block is first. It was “Bog Snorkeling,” which was basically snorkeling through 100 yards of funky, cold brown water in less than four minutes. This idea was apparently conceived during drinking. Hmm, what a surprise. Not thinking we’ll see this one in the Olympics anytime … Continue reading

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AMAZING RACE – 4/28/13

Hi again. We are already at the tenth leg and the finale is next week. Can you believe it? Wow, it feels like this season went fast, though next week when they show us some of the original racers (like the doctors who were allergic to water) it won’t feel like it. We will hardly remember some of them.

Katie and Max came in first last week, so they leave first. Ford must’ve complained that Katie didn’t look impressed enough with winning that Ford Focus last week, so they decided to reshoot those two with their new cars again. Katie still doesn’t look all that impressed, so that was a real waste. Although they caught Max climbing in and out of every orifice of his new car, chattering on like a five year old, so I’m sure they’re happy.

First clue says that the teams are heading to Edinburgh, Scotland. Meghan, Joey and the Roller Moms think they get the first flight landing at 1pm, while the other teams are landing at 4pm. … Continue reading

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AMAZING RACE – 4/21/13

Well, we’re back and it’s the final five teams. Bates and Anthony came in first again, so they leave first again. But not before we get a little Travelocity commercial spot to remind us again that those two won an expensive trip on the last leg. Guess Travelocity kicked a little more money in and now want to literally jam that garden gnome down our collective throats. Whatever.

Teams are off to Germany. Apparently, German trains are much like New York subways. You leave a bag for two seconds, it will disappear. Thieves will sniff that lonely bag out like sharks with blood in the water. Bates’s bag was gone with the wind, though luckily, he had his passport right with him. Of course, Jen has to saunter over with her top two buttons unbuttoned to put her two cents in. She asks if he needs anything and you just knew some kind of sexual innuendo was coming. And, she didn’t disappoint. She asked him if he needed to borrow one of her thongs. … Continue reading

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