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In the tray task, Bates and Anthony screwed up a bunch of times. It got kind of bad to the point where you saw Bates nearly throwing a tantrum. Yikes. Mona and Beth weren’t all that swift either. While Bates and Anthony just couldn’t figure out what color chartreuse was, Mona and Beth didn’t seem to realize that there was even a master list. That proved problematic and they were rejected a bunch of times. Max and Katie only screwed up the fifth course and left before anyone else had finished.

Beth gets frustrated and finally asks Anthony if Mona is doing it right and he basically tells her that there’s a master list but Beth still doesn’t seem to get it. Finally, Bates figures out that fifth course and they leave. A couple more wrong tries and Beth finally figures out what Anthony was getting at. She tells Mona, and Mona finally gets it right. Beth had screwed up so many times, the table of five actually give her a standing ovation when she finally deliver the oysters they’ve been waiting for.

Caroline and Jennifer did a crap job with the graffiti, but they are able to talk the guy into the fact that it’s just as good as what he did. Let’s just say that if they hadn’t been blonde and pretty, he would’ve told them to pack sand. Appears to be the story of their lives.

Pit stop order:

1. Max and Katie
2. Bates and Anthony
3. Mona and Beth
4. Caroline and Jennifer (Eliminated. As a parting gift, they showed us a touching slideshow of their flirting with various men in each country.)

We’re on to the twelfth and final leg!

Max and Katie and Bates and Anthony anxiously wait to see who the final team will be. None looked thrilled to see Mona and Beth. But hey, we know why Anthony and Bates were disappointed.

The teams are flying to Washington, D.C. for the final leg. Their first task is getting a picture taken with the President. They probably wasted at least ten minutes on all this hoopla which turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. It ended up being a picture with a standee of the President. I’m going to be honest, I wouldn’t have been too impressed if he took time away from the pressing issues in this country to deal with this bullsh*t. So personally, I was relieved to see that it was just a cardboard cutout.

The teams next hit the Road Block. This one was asking fifty separate secret service-looking agents holding briefcases if they have an answer to a certain question. They get rejected a bunch of times before one of the agents actually answers. Then the agent hands the racer the briefcase and they use the order that they arrived at each pit stop in New Zealand, Indonesia and Vietnam as the combination to the briefcase lock to get their next clue.

Bates got his briefcase opened first even though Max arrived first. All the teams seem to have kept good notes and opened their briefcases quickly. This is where I think it hurts the show that it has been on so long. The racers know to take notes throughout the Race to help them later. Had this been an earlier season, the racers would’ve been sitting there for days trying to figure out the combination to the lock. With these racers, it didn’t trip anyone up for more than a minute.

Mona and Beth are just showing up as Bates and Anthony are leaving the agent task. Max, after having a lot of trouble finding his agent, finally finds him. At that point though, Beth had found hers too. Max pretty much ran ahead of the Roller Moms and stole their taxi, but that’s what happens at this point in the game. The Moms didn’t even whine about it, so that was impressive.

2 thoughts on “AMAZING RACE FINALE – 5/5/13

  1. Kim,
    Congratulations on another great season! I hope you continue to do this until your children are old enough to appear on the show.

  2. It wasn’t even a cut out of the president. They just had their photo taken, after they’d been dressed wearing scarfs or suit jackets and then it was photo-shopped into a photo of the president. What a stupid thing. Who would ever really do something like that?

    All I cared about at this point was that Stuck up Max and Snotty Katie did not win. They annoyed me all season.

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