AMAZING RACE – 4/28/13

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Hi again. We are already at the tenth leg and the finale is next week. Can you believe it? Wow, it feels like this season went fast, though next week when they show us some of the original racers (like the doctors who were allergic to water) it won’t feel like it. We will hardly remember some of them.

Katie and Max came in first last week, so they leave first. Ford must’ve complained that Katie didn’t look impressed enough with winning that Ford Focus last week, so they decided to reshoot those two with their new cars again. Katie still doesn’t look all that impressed, so that was a real waste. Although they caught Max climbing in and out of every orifice of his new car, chattering on like a five year old, so I’m sure they’re happy.

First clue says that the teams are heading to Edinburgh, Scotland. Meghan, Joey and the Roller Moms think they get the first flight landing at 1pm, while the other teams are landing at 4pm. Like I said, they THINK that’s the case. Not sure what was up because all of a sudden there’s a flight landing at 10:40am that the rest of the teams that are further back in line are able to book. That ticket agent really screwed over those earlier people. I didn’t feel that bad for them though because they totally over-celebrated in front of everyone else when they thought they’d be 3 hours ahead. You know, that whole “Yes!” coupled with that fist pump sh*t. I hate people like that. You should get your *ss kicked for doing that sh*t. Unless you’re seven and trying to get the trucker next to you to honk his horn, you should never be making that motion.

Meghan and Joey and the Roller Moms really look to be in trouble now because all of the others have an agreement that those teams will be u-turned. Yikes. Things really hit the sh*tter quickly for those teams this week, especially since the Roller Moms also have a Speed Bump to look forward to. Although, I thought for a second there that they’d catch up once they passed those idiot country girls who were apparently driving three miles an hour with the emergency brake on. “Hmm, why won’t this car go faster?” What a couple of dummies.

The teams hit the Road Block. This one is learning how to play bagpipes; once the instructor is satisfied, the team gets the next clue. Bates declares that he’s never actually held a bagpipe before like he’s telling us he’s never drank a cup of coffee or something. Yeah, you big dummy. The vast majority of the population hasn’t. You see how this works? They don’t give you a million dollars to perform everyday tasks on TV; hence, the bagpipes. I think this guy has taken one too many pucks to the skull.

Meghan, Joey and the Roller Moms finally land in Scotland and they are not happy to find out that there are only two cars left. They quickly realize that all that high-fiving and telling us they are landing three hours before the other teams was all for nothing and that they are actually at the back of the pack. This was the worst case scenario for these teams as the others have aligned against them with the double U-turn coming up. They arrive at the bagpipe task, with Joey pretty much performing a gymnastic routine the whole way up and screaming in delight at the sight of them. Unfortunately, that delight didn’t last because Meghan totally sucked at this. She was apparently caught up in the fact that the instructor was drooling all over the mouthpiece and then handing it right over to her. Yum. Meghan was just not great at blowing into these pipes. Of course, this is the point at which I could go on about how Joey should’ve done this task, but I won’t do that. I mean, a gay guy would’ve knocked this one right out of the park within minutes, but hey, I’m not saying that. Anyway, Meghan sucked and they were in last place coming out of the task.

The teams next hit the Detour. It was a choice of “Tasty Puddin’” or “Whiskey Rollin’.” The pudding task sure wasn’t vanilla pudding. It was something to do with sheep intestines and it looked like peeled skin was involved. Unless you are that frigging sicko Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs,” you aren’t liking this one. The alternate choice, the whiskey task, was rolling eight heavy barrels to some dumb festival. I don’t know about you, but these frickin countries need to get their sh*t together and get these dumb festival dancers back to real work. This show has kind of made clear that there are way too many countries wasting time on this dumb sh*t. Stop dancing around in clothes from 1860 and get your *ss back on the assembly line picking plastic forks apart, ok?

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  1. I am just now getting around to reading your recaps. So true about Bates and the ‘never played bagpipes before’, but just as stupid was Meghan’s “I play the trumpet so I’ll be good at this” line.

    I would never eat haggis! I could only stand to smell a kidney pie once! It was so nasty! My husband thought the whiskey barrels were empty because the hockey boys were hauling them so easily.

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