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The next task is at Nationals Park and Bates and Anthony seem to be comfortably in the lead. This task has one team member suspended over the stadium on a zip line, dropping a baseball to their teammate, who is dressed in a mascot costume. Once the mascot catches the ball, the ball has the next location written on it. It looked like Bates and Anthony missed a few times, but not that many. They looked ready to win at this point and moved on to the next location pretty quickly.

Max and Katie arrive at Nationals Park next, and Max stunk at catching. Lots of excuses later about how hard it was to catch the ball dressed in that stupid costume, (and after Mona and Beth show up) he finally catches it. Mona and Beth weren’t that much better. Mona somehow manages to suck at just dropping the ball. Still scratching my head over that one. Was there some skill involved in that?

Anthony and Bates are flying through these tasks and arrive at the final challenge. This is a typical final challenge, though this one involved a giant ball pit full of globes. The teams had to search through a ton of globes, each showing one different highlighted country. One team member has to pull out each country that they visited during the Race and put them in the proper order to get the clue to the pit stop. Bates and Anthony were all on their own on this one. They finished fairly quickly, only tripped up a little in trying to find Bali. But they were long gone by the time Katie and Max arrived. I’m sure the editors edited out the part where Katie and Max showed up and said “F*ck, they’re already done!” Come on, you know they noticed that Bates and Anthony weren’t around. As Max and Katie, you’ve got to pretty much assume that Bates and Anthony are already headed for the pit stop though I guess there still was a .01% chance that their taxi exploded in flames or something. This one was just not close in the end. I hate finales where there isn’t more than one team at the final challenge at the same time. Oh well, maybe next season.

Final finish:

1. Bates and Anthony (Winners).
2. Max and Katie
3. Mona and Beth (Looks like everyone left for a few days and then came back before they finally showed up. It definitely got dark out in the meantime).

I’m thinking we may see some of these racers again for an All-Star Season. It would not surprise me to see Dave and Connor again. Thank you for a great season!

Written by:
Kim Wilson
Twitter: kwilson111

2 thoughts on “AMAZING RACE FINALE – 5/5/13

  1. Kim,
    Congratulations on another great season! I hope you continue to do this until your children are old enough to appear on the show.

  2. It wasn’t even a cut out of the president. They just had their photo taken, after they’d been dressed wearing scarfs or suit jackets and then it was photo-shopped into a photo of the president. What a stupid thing. Who would ever really do something like that?

    All I cared about at this point was that Stuck up Max and Snotty Katie did not win. They annoyed me all season.

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