AMAZING RACE – 4/21/13

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The teams make it to the Road Block, which is what Phil called crawling and walking through “a twisted labyrinth” to find some white room with the next clue. Umm, I’d describe this labyrinth as a mixture of the type of place that usually has a dominatrix or two and a haunted mansion amusement ride. Anyway, Joey LOVED this fun house and was giggling profusely over it. I honestly think if there had been shirtless guys dancing in there, we wouldn’t have ever seen him again.

Speaking of Joey, did anyone see Joey go to ask that goofy looking chick in the bar for help and hear her say “No!” right away. That was pretty damn funny, because I think he scared her. I mean, come on lady, he wasn’t trying to ask you out. #1. You’re ugly AND wearing glasses from 1982. #2. He’s extremely GAY. It won’t kill you to give him a hand with a stupid freaking quote, okay?

We end the show with the roller derby moms and the hockey guys teaming up in the fun house. The moms got lost in their Fusion and were driving all over Germany, allowing the hockey guys to catch up. The guys were smart enough to follow them by car to the pit stop and then just run their *sses over to the pit stop.

Pit Stop Order:

1. Max and Katie (Both won Ford Fusions, though Katie looked very unimpressed. This chick is never gonna make it on “The Price is Right.” You’re supposed to go crazy over those crappy Kias, Katie. Max, on the other hand, screamed like a kid on Christmas morning).
2. Joey and Meghan
3. Caroline and Jennifer
4. Bates and Anthony
5. Mona and Beth (Non-elimination leg. They get a speed bump next leg.)

We’re nearing the end! See you next week.

Written by: Kim Wilson
Twitter: kwilson111

One thought on “AMAZING RACE – 4/21/13

  1. I really like Joey and Meghan. The Roller Derby mom’s seem okay, but get barely any airtime. (I don’t know which is Mona and with is Beth.) I can not stand Max and Katie. I hope they get taken out soon. The hockey boys have probably had a few concussions because they act a little slow with the uptake, and the country singer girls are just idiots.

    I thought the labyrinth was pointless and the train thing was dull. Seriously, why would anyone put a tree next to the train track? This is a TV show, so why give them such boring tasks?

    I had to laugh at the ‘museum’ of giant light up letters located inside a mall. I think they made it up for the show.

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