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Here we go: finale time. I would’ve said that I can’t believe that it is the finale already but then they showed the teams that had been eliminated and I had already forgotten Dave and Connor. It felt like a long time since they’d been on, almost like it was another season. So I guess this season was longer than I initially thought.

Let’s get to it. The teams get the first clue and they are taking a ferry to Ireland. The Roller Moms and Max were discussing how Max and Katie had U-turned the Moms and I loved Beth’s attitude. She basically said this is a game and we would’ve done the same thing to you. Finally, there’s an adult on one of these shows.

The Road Block is first. It was “Bog Snorkeling,” which was basically snorkeling through 100 yards of funky, cold brown water in less than four minutes. This idea was apparently conceived during drinking. Hmm, what a surprise. Not thinking we’ll see this one in the Olympics anytime soon.

Katie surprisingly went for it on this one even though it was a muddy, disgusting task. No hesitation. This girl, who probably has a broken nail repaired within seconds, will actually get dirty for a million. Who would’ve thought?

Jen couldn’t do the snorkeling task in four minutes on the first try and then threatened to quit the whole Race all of a sudden over it. Come on. It’s muddy, dirty water but it’s not like you’re swimming in a sea of poo like “Shawshank Redemption” or something. You’ve got a 25% chance of winning a million dollars right now, so stop effing crying and pull yourself together. You had to give Caroline credit on this one. She should be a motivational speaker. She all but dragged Jen’s *ss through that bog by herself.

The teams next reach the Detour: “Tray it” or “Spray It.” All of the teams but the Country Girls do “Tray it.” This was located on the dock where the Titanic was built, which was ironic, because a couple of the teams nearly sunk on this one. There wasn’t that much of a trick to it as it was just serving a five course meal. A couple teams got really tripped up though because there were two separate lists to deal with.

“Spray It” was finishing the other half of graffiti art on a wall using a picture. Only the Country Girls picked this one.

2 thoughts on “AMAZING RACE FINALE – 5/5/13

  1. Kim,
    Congratulations on another great season! I hope you continue to do this until your children are old enough to appear on the show.

  2. It wasn’t even a cut out of the president. They just had their photo taken, after they’d been dressed wearing scarfs or suit jackets and then it was photo-shopped into a photo of the president. What a stupid thing. Who would ever really do something like that?

    All I cared about at this point was that Stuck up Max and Snotty Katie did not win. They annoyed me all season.

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