AMAZING RACE – 4/14/13

Hey again! We are on the eighth leg of the Race already. Hard to believe.

Let’s get right to it. Bates and Anthony are off first, having come in first for the second time in a row. The teams get their first clue and find out that they are flying to Switzerland. Bates and Anthony start right away with their flirting with the Country Girls and tease them about whether they’ve ever had boyfriends before without teeth or that wear fanny packs. The girls seem to eat it right up. Honestly, I have no clue why these two pretty blondes are still talking to guys without teeth that wear fanny packs, but whatever.

Most of this episode I won’t bore you by summarizing. We seemed to be stuck in train travel hell for most of the time. Train to Grindelwald. Train to Interlaken. (Missed by Joey and Meghan and Mona and Beth, though they caught up anyway). Train right up the Alps. Train to yet another station to find a mountain rescue guide. … Continue reading

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AMAZING RACE – 3/31/13

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great week and a nice Easter if that is your thing. It was 45 degrees and rainy here so our Easter egg hunt got moved inside. Nothing like finding hidden eggs that the kids didn’t find two years from now in a pair of old shoes or something. And, after some serious consideration, I’ll still eat that stale mini-Twix bar out of the egg too. Yesterday was not a good eating day for me because I think I ingested about 10,000 calories, none of which were from candy that was actually given to me. You’re welcome, kids.

Anyway, Bates and Anthony were off first. These two seem to think they are much funnier than they actually are. One of them (who cares which, really) says while he was sleeping he wasn’t counting sheep, he was counting lions. Then, they both laugh like Beavis and Butthead or something. Get it, because they are in Africa…they are COUNTING LIONS? Hilarious stuff, guys. Sounds like a joke that my 4 … Continue reading

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AMAZING RACE – 3/24/13

Hello everyone. We’re back in Vietnam and apparently the Race pissed off some people. In retrospect, I guess it is a little disrespectful to have these shallow goofs climbing all over a fallen B-52 to get a stupid clue for some stupid reality TV show. Guess they took some heat over that one.

Anyway, the teams get their first clue and they are flying to Botswana. Winnie and Pam are worried that Meghan and Joey are going to hold it against them that they U-turned them. The whole thing was supposedly anonymous but everyone seems to know who U-turned both teams anyway. Pam and Winnie tell Meghan and Joey to take it as a compliment because they think they are good racers, but Meghan and Joey seem to know that there was some kind of pact with multiple teams against them. I totally screwed up last week too because I don’t think I realized that Meghan and Joey HAD U-turned Chuck and Winona. So here I make fun of Chuck like he’s a complete … Continue reading

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