AMAZING RACE – 4/14/13

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Anyway, Wynona’s stuck on the side of the mountain and I’m thinking they’re going to have to fly in and airlift her *ss out of there when she finally starts moving. She noted that this “was not easy.” Well, it’s not supposed to be, is it? Chuck decides to zing her again on how frigging slow she was and she starts boohooing about what a disappointing loser she is. Chuck, ever the romantic, tells her “Ah…the kids need a mother, so I’m glad you made it.” Nice.

The next task is something the Race is calling a “Switchback.” I guess that’s what they call a task that’s been done in another season before. Anyway, the Switchback is transporting 200 pounds of cheese by sled to the bottom of a snowy hill. Apparently, the last teams to do this task did pretty sh*tty. They showed sleds breaking apart, cheese flying and people face planting and wiping out downhill. Oh, yeah. This was promising.

The teams have to rope walk up the steep hill and Katie’s at the front of the pack, barely able to move. She literally keeps wiping out like there’s snow and banana peels under her feet. I have no clue why someone didn’t just steamroll her and keep moving, but no one did. I think you would’ve seen a real competitive team try to pass her but no one in this group seemed to be all that concerned with coming in first this week. Maybe it was because they knew that Chuck and Wynona and Joey and Meghan were way behind, still stuck on the side of the mountain. Anyway, Katie was pretty miserable because she knew that her usual pretty head looked really dumb falling over and over and she’s clearly not used to looking stupid. It’s kind of nice seeing the Prom Queen looking like an *sshole, I’m not going to lie.

Bates and Anthony were in front of the clog that was Katie, so they finished the task before the others even got to the top. Anthony then says he’s “pretty sure” they’re in first place even though he knew that Meghan, Joey, Wynona and Chuck were a task behind and he could see the rest of the teams still stuck on the mountain behind them. So, what’s this “pretty sure” sh*t about?

Finally, Chuck and Wynona make it to the cheese task and they are the caboose trying to climb Cheese Mountain. Chuck is whipping Wynona verbally like a sled dog. He’s carrying both sleds and literally has his hands on Wynona’s butt, trying to push her *ss up the mountain. Good luck with that. They finally get to the top. Chuck, ever the motivator, tells Wynona to catch her breath and get her brains back because she totally sucked *ss on this hill. Nice one, Chuck.

Pit stop order:

1. Bates and Anthony
2. Mona and Beth
3. Max and Katie
4. Jennifer and Caroline

**Chuck and Wynona try to check in. They receive a 30-minute penalty for rolling the cheese down the hill instead of using the sleds. Where the hell were Meghan and Joey? I couldn’t believe they didn’t beat Chuck and Wynona to the pit stop anyway.

5. Joey and Meghan (Checked in before the 30 minutes were up.)
6. Chuck and Wynona (Eliminated. Bye, bye mullet.)

Have a great week!

Written by: Kim Wilson
Twitter: kwilson111

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