AMAZING RACE – 3/24/13

March 25th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Amazing Race 22

Hello everyone. We’re back in Vietnam and apparently the Race pissed off some people. In retrospect, I guess it is a little disrespectful to have these shallow goofs climbing all over a fallen B-52 to get a stupid clue for some stupid reality TV show. Guess they took some heat over that one.

Anyway, the teams get their first clue and they are flying to Botswana. Winnie and Pam are worried that Meghan and Joey are going to hold it against them that they U-turned them. The whole thing was supposedly anonymous but everyone seems to know who U-turned both teams anyway. Pam and Winnie tell Meghan and Joey to take it as a compliment because they think they are good racers, but Meghan and Joey seem to know that there was some kind of pact with multiple teams against them. I totally screwed up last week too because I don’t think I realized that Meghan and Joey HAD U-turned Chuck and Winona. So here I make fun of Chuck like he’s a complete idiot thinking that and it was actually me. Awesome.

We get stuck with Katie and Max going on about how they want to keep the fact that “she is smart and has a doctorate” a secret. Good thing those two doctors got eliminated so that Katie can now declare herself the smartest on the Race for counting pills for a living. No offense to the pharmacists out there at all, I’m just really annoyed by anyone who sits there and acts like they are Albert Einstein or something like she just did. As if having a Doctorate in Pharmacy will help her jump out of planes or navigate farmer’s markets or do freaky dances or put scorpions in freaking jars! That’s the point: yes, being smart may help you in some areas of this race, but will do zero for you in others. For instance: Take Chuck in the trapping task. But we’ll get to that later. Let’s just say if Katie had been in front of me, I may have taken a swing at her.

Back to Bates and Anthony, who seem to think this whole thing is one big traveling Spring Break instead of a Race for a million dollars. If only they’d focus on these two goofs without them talking about “the girls” just ONCE. This time they are saying “the girls” are freaking amazing and that they are 12’s out of 10 (not possible, right?) and that it is so nice to spend time with them. Is this “The Bachelor” or “The Amazing Race?” These two morons may just stand there and let “the girls” go ahead of them for the million at this rate. That blonde hair and those boobies have got these guys distracted, to say the least.

As if we weren’t suffering enough, they immediately focus on the country girls talking about Bates and Anthony. Caroline says that Jen has a “baby crush” on Bates. Not exactly sure what that is, as I have not been in fourth grade in quite awhile. Now the country girls are making sure that Bates and Anthony know that the country they are heading for is Botswana because God forbid, we not help our boyfriends out constantly.

Back to Chuck and Winona, who are discussing the fact that they were U-turned. He was shocked they were U-turned because he feels like they are weak racers. Well, that’s a great state of mind. Then, Chuck talks about how they are not ready to throw the towel in yet and not ready to get divorced yet. I must’ve missed something, because I thought he was talking about the Race. Does he think that if they lose they have to get divorced? It’s hard to tell what’s going on under that super puffy hair of his. And any doubt he had never heard of Botswana before when he called it “BO-swana” repeatedly? You know, Botswana, the country with the silent “t.”

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