AMAZING RACE – 4/14/13

April 15th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Amazing Race 22

Hey again! We are on the eighth leg of the Race already. Hard to believe.

Let’s get right to it. Bates and Anthony are off first, having come in first for the second time in a row. The teams get their first clue and find out that they are flying to Switzerland. Bates and Anthony start right away with their flirting with the Country Girls and tease them about whether they’ve ever had boyfriends before without teeth or that wear fanny packs. The girls seem to eat it right up. Honestly, I have no clue why these two pretty blondes are still talking to guys without teeth that wear fanny packs, but whatever.

Most of this episode I won’t bore you by summarizing. We seemed to be stuck in train travel hell for most of the time. Train to Grindelwald. Train to Interlaken. (Missed by Joey and Meghan and Mona and Beth, though they caught up anyway). Train right up the Alps. Train to yet another station to find a mountain rescue guide. I was beginning to wonder whether there was ever going to be a task in this leg of the Race or if we were just going to watch these people catch trains throughout Switzerland.

While the teams are just riding trains around, they are blown away by how beautiful the snow was. I agree, the view was beautiful. But I was sitting there and realizing that I am just not a snow person. I am one of those people that would put skiing or any other snow sport about last on the list of things I want to do. I just don’t like to be cold. Or cold and wet. And it doesn’t seem to matter how much you layer up in the snow, your face is pretty much frostbitten and the bottom of your pants are always dirty and sopping wet. Yuck. I guess part of it is that we don’t get all that much snow here in Delaware. We’re one of those places that gets a couple of inches of snow and every school in the state shuts down. You see people in cars doing 5 miles per hour with their scared faces two inches away from the wheel with a white-knuckled grip on it because people just don’t know how to drive in snow. And, because it doesn’t snow all that often, or all that much, I don’t tend to waste money on snow clothes for my kids or myself. So, if it actually snows, I’m screwed and cold and my kids are all upset because they have to play outside in their jeans. Or I turn them into the Michelin Man by putting layering six pairs of sweatpants on them instead. Honestly, I really just think snow is just kind of a pain in the *ss. So, I don’t think I’ll check Switzerland out anytime soon, but hey, doubt that was happening anyway. My passport has exactly two stamps, both of which were at least ten years ago.

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