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Week six and seven teams left. And yes, I’m still alive. Actually, we fared really well in the storm. At one point, the model was showing Sandy possibly making landfall about an hour and a half south of us. Instead, it was at least a couple of hours in the other direction. We never even lost power. Honestly, we had more trouble with Hurricane Irene last August, so I consider myself very lucky. Like everyone else, I am feeling horribly for those north of us. It’s pretty sad when the one thing left standing in Seaside Heights was that damned Jersey Shore house.

Anyway, back to the show. We are back in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Phil advises us that Dhaka has more rickshaws than any other city in the world. Awesome. Not exactly on par with having the most diamonds or anything, but hey, whatever. James and Abba were in first place last week, and they are first to leave. Apparently, the teams are headed 3,700 miles away to Istanbul, Turkey. Seriously, if they had said 37 miles away, I wouldn’t have flinched. I have to admit that I kind of suck when it comes to geography in that region of the world.

Back to Ryan and Abbie (unfortunately). I think I keep wishing that somehow they will just disappear, but no such luck. Ryan reads the clue about heading to Turkey and actually says to Abbie, “Let’s go, you turkey.” Wow. Somewhere a three year old just rolled his eyes at that stupid joke. This tool really thinks he’s cute. Then the jerk talks basically of how sh*tty Bangladesh was and that next time his 52 inch Samsung is fuzzy he won’t b*tch about it because at least he’s not in Dhaka. I hope Rent A Center repo’ed that damn TV while he was on the show. Seriously, what a pretentious assh*le.

Over to the monster truckers. Rob turns the first taxi down because it’s not new enough for this liking. Hmm. This guy strikes me as a 1985 Cutlass Ciera-driving type of loser. You know, that car that you see like once every ten years or so and say “That’s right. I remember that car from grade school.”

Check it out for yourself:

By the way, I’m hoping this is a REALLY old photo because otherwise why are these two losers in the background, suit jacket thrown over the shoulder, studying this car like it’s a rare diamond or something. It’s a Cutlass Ciera. Try to get a grip, even if it’s 1985. Anyway, I could SO see Rob still driving around in something like this.

Moving along, Rob decides to hand pick a different taxi more to his liking. Then he declares “I don’t get drive from other people, I make my own drive.” Well, wasn’t that enlightening. Definitely inspirational coming from a guy that keeps hovering near last place.

Next we’re in a travel agency looking for fares to Turkey, when Ryan says that James and Abba and Natalie and Nadiya are the two most annoying teams on the Race. Then he gets a little dig in and says that all four have hair the same length. Wow. I’m sure that really hurt the rockers when they watched the show back. Was that the best Ryan had? Anyway, Ryan came across like a five year old to me. Natalie and Nadiya have been annoying him on the Race, but what about Abba and James? They’ve done nothing….EXCEPT come in first place last week. Remember the agony of defeat and the tears Ryan shed because he came in second place? Grow up, you d*ck. And anyone else catch the whole legless guy/wheelchair/taxi segment? You know CBS left that sh*t in there on purpose. There’s a guy with freaking stumps for legs in a wheelchair and Ryan basically takes his taxi and shuts his *ss out. Abbie also says “Oh, my God” like the guy was gross to her or something. Wow. We’re really dealing with some real winners here. Apparently, running the chick with metal legs over in that first leg of the Race wasn’t exactly out of character for these two.

4 thoughts on “AMAZING RACE – 11/4/12

  1. I can’t stand Ryan either . . . . and I cannot believe you didn’t talk about his comment while exiting the travel agency. A 3rd group arrived (maybe the monster truckers??) and one of them gave him a hug. And after they were gone, he said something about the six of them in there together (new team, rockers, and twins) couldn’t generate 3 brain cells. Really? What an @SS!!

    However, I cannot believe the Texas team went along with the twins stealing the rockers money. That is soooo wrong. I thought for sure there would be a penalty or at a minimum something said to them, but Phil just let it go. I actually liked those two teams. I think the only ones I feel I want to win anymore are the rockers . . .

  2. I totally missed that altogether! I’ve been noticing an issue with my cable lately. When I watch Amazing Race and the show is “running over” because of football into The Good Wife timeslot, for whatever reason a small block of show gets missed. It’s really hard to tell sometimes that I missed something! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’m definitely going to have to DVR both shows and go back and watch both to make sure nothing’s missed.

    I’m with you on the Rockers. That may be a problem. Looks like the previews they are showing this week are showing them losing their passports…I think that’s been a definite nail in the coffin for teams in the past. Hopefully, they find them!

  3. Shoot! They seem to be running a nice, clean race up to this point. They sort of remind me of a couple from several seasons back that were real laid-back, hippy type. The sort of ‘do no harm, karma will take over’ type of people. I really liked them also.

  4. @rsanon – yeah, I think that was the Snowboarders. I was hating on them for awhile but actually really liked them a lot at the time they got eliminated. Are you talking about a team that won a ton of legs? The snowboarders got eliminated in kind of a shady way too if I remember right.

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