I can’t believe it’s already the finale! Actually, it does seem like a long season, especially when they flash the faces of some of the people that have been eliminated for a long time. Some faces I could barely remember.

Anyway, my first observation this week is that someone needs to get fired. Not sure if it’s CBS or someone at my cable company. But whoever the hell writes the descriptions for this show should be canned. On my TV screen, the description for this finale said the following: “Final four race to the finish, with Abbie and Ryan hoping to double the prize.” Either I really missed a crazy twist last week, or someone needs to get sent home with a box with all their pictures and sh*t in it.

Before the show, I also checked out The Amazing Race website, just to see how delayed the show would be this week. I guess I was pretty surprised how much hate people seemed to have for the twins. People were still going … Continue reading

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AMAZING RACE – 12/2/12

Welcome to December! Only one more week and we’ll know who wins the million. I was kind of hoping to have won a bunch of millions myself this week, but with my typical luck, I couldn’t even win 4 bucks by getting the Powerball. I must say, it’s been ages since I’ve played. You know, I really can’t do much with just one or two million, so the jackpot’s got to be up to $500 million for me to bother to play. Makes sense, right? So I go into the store like an idiot and offer a $5 bill to the clerk. She’s like, “Um, it’s $2 per play.” Shows how long it’s been since I’ve played. Then I’m faced with the impossible decision to just get two tickets or to go back to my car to get another dollar. Here, I’m going in there thinking I’ll get five tickets out of $5. All the while, I’ve got the baby in her heavy-*ss carrier with me. So I go back to the car, retrieve another … Continue reading

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AMAZING RACE – 11/25/12

Only three episodes to go! I’m hearing there’s a two hour finale planned for December 9th, so we are almost there. Hope everyone in the USA had a great Thanksgiving weekend and were able to feel genuinely thankful for everything and everyone they have. Now, you can officially put all that mushy sh*t aside and start running old and disabled people over for toys and gadgets you don’t yet have. It’s Christmas! Time to start punching people for Xboxes, right? That’s what I hate about Internet shopping. There’s just no way to tell other shoppers to go f*ck themselves. Even better is when you tell someone—or they tell you—and they are wearing one of those Santa hats with the stupid bell on the end of it. Does it get ANY better than that? Nope. This whole Christmas season is really missing something when you don’t go out and shop at the actual stores. ‘Tis the season for a*sholes, for sure. There are certainly a bunch of them out there driving. Ever been flipped off by … Continue reading

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