AMAZING RACE – 3/17/13

We’re back for the 5th leg. Watching the recap from last week, I still can’t believe that John and Jessica managed to get eliminated with that Express Pass still in their pockets. I mean, once Chuck and Winona were heading to the pit stop with one of those last surfboards, you need to make the call to footrace them to the mat ready to use the Express Pass. After that constant obsession John seemed to have over the Express Pass, you’d have thought he would’ve contemplated using the thing when it mattered most. Guess they figured they may need it later or something for a U-turn scenario, and maybe they hoped this was a non-elimination leg, but in hindsight, it just was not a smart move.

Anyway, we’re back where they left us: in Bali. Dave and Connor are first and read the clue that the teams are headed for Hanoi, Vietnam and that there’s a U-turn on this leg. Dave and Connor are in trouble because Dave’s doctor at home says he needs … Continue reading

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AMAZING RACE – 3/10/13

Hi again. Was just watching the reel from last week’s show and something came to me. Chuck and Winona were on, and as usual, that banjo music was in the background. Notice how the rednecks seem to be the exception to every racism rule? In case you were worried, this is apparently still A-Okay in America. Seriously, you think they’d be playing rap music every time they showed a couple of 50 cent type racers on there? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Anyway, back to the show. The teams are arriving at the pit stop. They get the bad news that they are still racing and need to head to their next task in Bali. Each team was like “Yay!” but you could tell that not one of them wanted to keep going. That was especially the case for Dave, who’s still hobbling around on crutches. Honestly, kind of sick of hearing about his stupid leg / foot / ACL now. Whatever. Quit crying about it already. I’m actually kind of missing all the … Continue reading

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Hello again, we’re back at week #3. And let’s get right to it: The Race started off this week back at the pit stop with Dave and Connor. At the end of the last episode, Dave suspected that he ruptured his Achilles tendon while making a run for it to the pit stop. This week, he got the bad news from a doctor pretty quickly that he needed a sonogram, a specialist and some crutches. Crutches aren’t exactly helpful when you’re trying to run a race, though I wouldn’t mind seeing him beating someone to death with one. Anyway, the prognosis seemed pretty dim as the doc didn’t mince words and basically told him “Tough t*tties, you’re pretty much out, pal.” Dave decides to see if a miracle will happen so that he can keep racing. He decides to see a doctor in Tahiti to see if can stay in the race. I definitely have to give him credit for not just quitting.

The first clue reveals that the teams are flying 3,000 miles … Continue reading

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